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Marhaba, Hi!

My name is Ibrahim Farah, and I am the owner of this shop. I am a Syrian Canadian, and I was born in the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Damascus.

Damascus, locally known as Dimashq also simply referred to as Sham, has witness the passage of countless civilizations, some of which have emerged in the region (like the Aramean empire), others that have come from abroad (like the Byzantine or Roman empires). All civilizations that have passed by Damascus were only amazed at the magic of the city and the peace and serenity it provided them with to flourish. Damascus was once the capital of the Umayyad Empire (661 - 750 AD) which stretched from nowadays Pakistan in the east to Spain in the west, making it the fifth largest empire in history.

Damascus welcomed different people from different cultural, social and religious backgrounds. This historical mixture is still reflected today in the demographics of the city. Several regional languages are spoken (Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian, Syriac, Aramaic, Circassian, etc...), different religions co-exist (Islam, Christianity, even Judaism...) and people from all colors and styles live side by side (blondes, dark-skinned, readheads; traditional and liberal people!).

The old town is one huge piece of mosaic that tells the story of thousands of years and millions of people. A number of arts and handcrafts specific to Damascus were developed and passed on from generation to generation.

Growing up in an environment that had no problem mixing what's traditional with what's modern, I came to realize the value of Damascene art. Patience, thorough and precise work, as well as hundreds of years of know-how were all involved in the creation of a masterpiece mosaic box, shisha, glass vase or tapestry.

In my effort to bring you those elements of a mystical and prestigious heritage, I intend to share my culture as well as my passion for my hometown, for I believe Damascus is for everyone... not only because I believe so, but in fact because Damascus has always opened its arms to everyone in this world.

As French historian André Barot puts it: "Every person has two homelands:  his own, and Syria."


Salam, Peace...




10264, rue Albert-Ferland
H4N 2X8
Montreal, QC
Tel.: +1-514-552 41 88


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