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Our Premium Service

Hi, this is Ibrahim again!

We do not provide two levels of service, a regular and a premium one. Why? Because we always provide a premium service for your own personal satisfaction.

In fact, I am in charge of the customer relation, and when you call to inquire about anything, most times you will be talking to me (I will also be the one to reply to your emails)! This is a direct relation between you and I, and the things I do for you, I do them like I'd do them for myself. I pick every item for you with care, test them and inspect them to ensure they are functional and free from any defect, supervise the handling and packing of your order, and process payments, refunds and all the rest. Everything will be done for you with care, professionalism and friendliness. I don't want my customers to deal with Orient Caravan like they're dealing with a company, rather I want them to know they're dealing with the owner directly, a person they can consider to be a friend who will always do his best to please them.

So I'm always at your service, and you can call on me anytime!

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